Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chit Chat

Assigment from AtomicMama by way of Pomegranate:

1. Your child's Chinese name (assuming s/he has or will have one)... are you a) using it as a middle name, b) using it as a first name or c) not using it at all? Why?
We wouldn’t even consider taking away the name she is given – it’s the only thing that’ll be all her own when she comes to us. It will be either her first or middle name. We are fairly set on Hana for the "American" name, but lately Jacek has had some pretty cool ideas - both American and Chinese so stay tuned! If we are referred a boy we like the name Alexander but are still working on finding more options to choose from.

2. Red threads - yes or no? Discuss.
No red threads. A fellow AltDTCer says it perfectly here.

3. What are you most looking forward to experiencing with your child/what do you most enjoy doing with your child?
Everything! I can’t wait to watch our child discover the world, grow and find joy in the simple things. I can't wait to hear her giggle and I especially can't wait to see her interact with nature.

4. What's your favourite book about adoption?
So far it’s Real Parents Real Children – it's a great reference for child development stages and how adoption and non-adoption issues come into play. I haven't read many yet, but I have a pretty extensive Amazon wish list and plan to dive into the rest pretty soon.

5. What will/do you miss most about your life pre-parenthood?
Alone time. I'm a quiet person most of the time and really enjoy a few minutes of me time each day, even if it's reading or meditating right before bed.

6. What's your favourite children's book (any age group)?
Gotta love Dr. Suess books!

7. Lifebook - excited to start or terrified of screwing it up? Top tip?
I’m very excited about it. I love to create stuff like that but I'm not into paper scrapbooking - too many pieces and parts. I plan to learn digital scrapbooking where all the pieces and parts are electronic. That way it can easily evolve as our child grows (of course I'll keep archived versions of each stage).

8. What hobby do you secretly hope your child will take up and love?
Anything related to nature, animals and the outdoors – and of course scuba diving when he/she is old enough. We love diving and how cool will it be to share the beauty of the underwater world with our child?! I also hope she loves to read - reading makes life richer.

9. Co-sleeping - "well of course" or "maybe but I just don't see how any of us would sleep"?
No co-sleeping here. At first if we need to hold and cuddle for her to go to sleep we will but will put her in the crib for the night. We have enough room to have the crib in our room and right next to the bed for touching and comforting. In bed with us would be a disaster and probably not safe for a baby - we have enough trouble with just us in bed – we both tend to sleep sprawled out a bit.

10. If you'd had sole choice of your child's name (assuming you didn't), would it have been different? Wanna tell us what?
I like that she will come with a Chinese name. Their naming conventions are wonderful and Jacek has already picked out a few meanings/names he likes. American names we like are Hana and Maija (said like Maya, Polish spelling). I also like the name Claire.

11. In the movie of your life, who plays you?
Clare Danes.

12. Sleeping. Light on, light off? No, YOU silly.

13. China - experiment with food or not?
Of course! We can't wait to try authentic Chinese. We can't imagine going to China and living on rice, KFC and MickeyD's - ugh! Now I'm craving Dim Sum - thanks A-Mama!

14. What's your favourite China adoption blog (after this one of course..ahem...)?
The ALT DTC posse (links on the right) and also ChicagoMama, Mimi Smartypants, Do They have Salsa in China, Waiting for Sophie


atomic mama said...

Ooh, a new book to check out - cool. And you know, I totally forgot about the option of digitally creating the lifebook - what was I thinking?? Duh.

atomic mama said...

And Clare Danes - nice!

Anonymous said...

You have it down. I liked your answers.

SBird said...

Yeah, the digital lifebook is something I have to look into. Good idea.

Thanks for the red-thread shout out....