Sunday, November 20, 2005

Final Homestudy Visit

We had our final homestudy visit today. This time our social worker asked us questions related to our marriage, discipline, etc. She also took a quick tour and did our individual interviews. She really enjoyed the veggies, too! All went well and it was a very pleasant visit. As soon as she gets our reference letters she will begin working on our draft report. We've asked our references to email their letters since we don't know how long our former homestudy agency will take to send our file. We also need to give her a copy of the financial statement that we are preparing for our dossier...better get to work on that!

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Linda said...

My friend has adopted 4 children through the state and has the homestudy visit with the social worker down pat! After becoming a parent, she said that she had to laugh at some of the questions though ... she said that every question she had answered about her expected parenting style and discipline techniques had gone right out the window with the arrival of children!

I know that they ask those questions to guage what kind of person you are, but how can anyone say what kind of parent they will be before they are a parent! Parenting is like riding a bike down a path you've never been on before ... you can start out with a plan, but if there's a curve in the path then you have to follow it!