Sunday, October 02, 2005


So we got our fingerprints taken at the police outpost at a mall, I wrote a wonderful records request letter and on Friday afternoon we popped it into a UPS envelope and sent it on its way to the FBI. I woke up yesterday morning with nice sense of accomplishment - this surprise hurdle was cleared and now we simply wait. As I was happily checking in on fellow adoption bloggers I glanced down at my desk and see the copy of my very eloquent letter to be filed...suddenly two little words struck my eyes like a white hot poker - "MONEY ORDER"! A rush of panic overtook my entire being as I realized our fingerprints were on our way to the FBI without payment!

I sat paralyzed, watching the mintues tick slowly by - all 40 of them - until the magic 8 o' clock hour - UPS Store opening! I raced (ok, walked) down the street, clenching my reciept like it was gold. I explained myself to the thoroughly unimpressed and slightly annoyed store manager. He had the disdainful "you're such a UPS novice" look on his face, but maintained a polite manner and ultimately saved the day - he found our letter and made a new envelope and label and with money order enclosed, it will still make it to the FBI by Wednesday. Mission (finally) accomplished.


Dad and Sherry said...

Happy ending .....glad it worked out so well:)
Dadand Sherry

Anonymous said...

Spaz! :P