Friday, September 23, 2005

You Dropped a Bomb On Me! (80's tune)

Today our social worker did our home visit. She toured the house, asked for measurements of the bedrooms, talked breifly about basic safety, and asked us some questions for the home study that we had not yet covered. But before all of that, she "dropped the bomb"...Illinois passed a new law that a home study cannot be approved with out CIS (formerly INS) approval. Well, guess what? CIS does not issue approval without an approved homestudy. Can you say Catch 22? So what we have to do to satisfy this is to get a third set of fingerprints done. We have to go to the police station and they will fingerprint us onto an FBI card - with ink - we then send the card to the FBI, who will return our record. The record goes to our social worker for inclusion in our home study. Then the process resumes as usual - homestudy goes to CIS who then send us notice to get fingerprinted, then they send us a letter approving us to adopt internationally. So overall we will be fingerprinted 3 times - 2 of those times are from the same FBI database. Can you sense my annoyance? I'm sure there is a more efficient way to do this but our state lawmakers were apparently unable to think of it. This could add an additional 6-8 weeks to the paperchase. OK, I'm off to do some deep breathing! :)

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