Monday, January 09, 2006

Home Study Officially Done

We received 3 notarized copies of our home study today. Another copy is on its way to CIS (immigration). When they get it they will send us an invitation to get fingerprinted. When they get our prints they will review our file and send us an approval letter I-171. We really have no idea how long this will take - I've seen others online who got them within 6 weeks, some 12.

Meanwhile I'm preparing the rest of our documents to be notarized, certified at the Secretary of State's office and then authenticated at the Chinese Consulate. After that's done we'll send them on to CCAI for critical review. Then when we do receive our I-171 we can expedite it throught the authentication process and send it to CCAI - who will then send our dossier to China.

The light at the end of the paperchase tunnel is getting a little bigger! :)

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