Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Year of Change

I just realized it was a year ago that we attended an information meeting at our former home study agency. We chose the agency because we originally planned to adopt from Poland and they were one of the few local agencies that provided adoption services for Poland. We initially chose Poland because that is where Jacek is from and it seemed like the natural choice. Since then we changed to China, changed home study agencies, and even changed our bathroom in our quest for Hana.

In some ways the past year flew and in some ways it dragged (thanks, former home study agency). I'll talk about all of that in future posts, after we have our LID date and I no longer have to worry what document to send where and when - we'll have plenty of wait time to fill the blog with the who's-what's-why's-where's and how's of China adoption...stay tuned!

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sandy said...

I'm patiently waiting!... Can't wait to hear everything!