Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rolling Right Along

The remainder of our documents (minus the I-171H) are on their way to the Secretary of State's office. I decided to just mail them rather than go downtown. I'll save the downtown trip for the I-171H certification and authentication since we'll be expediting it. I figure we have time to send the documents through UPS since it'll likely be at least 6 weeks from when we get fingerprinted to the time we get immigration approval.

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Leigh Ann said...

Hello Mary & Jacek -
just found your blog also after you left your comment!

I'll be following your journey.

We picked the name Hana - because my husband wanted Hannah - but i lobbied for the Asian variation - Hana - pronounced like the famous road in Hawaii, as your blog is named. We had not picked a name when i started my blog. After we agreed on Hana, i thought it would have been neat to name my blog The Road to Hana! funny.

Hoping to get our referral very SOON!
Hoping you are DTC very SOON!
my best - leigh ann