Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Core Conditioning

Yeah, OK, Hey! Uh, hello! Back Off! AhahahahahahahHAHAHA!

That was me working out this morning. I've known for years that Cleo and Odette are yoga fanatics - they can't resist helping me with the poses. Now this morning I find out that my new pilates partner is Tuesday. She pushed me to do my best by making the movements more challenging - leg lift? Ah, but can YOU do a successful leg lift with an unexpected dog neck block? Can YOU stay focused in your floorwork with sniffing in your ear and sloppy kisses all over your head? How about with the Cuz toy poking into your sides or tickling the bottom of your foot? HA!

To put this in perspective - Cleo and Odette are 6 and 11 pounds cats respectively. Tuesday is a solid STRONG 54 pound pit bull mix - not as easy to gently coax out of the way - especially when she thinks pilates is so neat! Love her!!!!!

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Valeri said...

Love your doggie picture, Mary!!!

:) Valeri