Friday, October 21, 2005

Just the Facts

It's Thursday. 8:45 PM. Mary is upstairs reading. Jacek is conquering lands in Rome Total War. Tuesday is taking advantage of being unsupervised and is stretched out on the couch. The cats are sitting silently, plotting their revenge on the dog for her existence. The house is quiet. Suddenly, the phone rings. Jacek answers. It's Joe Friday from the FBI, he says (ok, so it's not really Joe, but it is really the FBI). He says he has an application form from Jacek missing a birth date. Jacek says "thanks so much for calling, I can give it to you right now." Joe says "OK". Jacek stated his birth date. Joe takes a closer look at the form in front of him. He says "Oh! I see this is for an adoption, so I don't have to ask you about a deadline - this is an extra special quick delivery"! Jacek told Joe that he "really really appreciated it".

We weren't expecting this report back until the end of November - hopefully this means we'll get it a little sooner! Fingers crossed! By the way, strange hours at the FBI records office, huh? It would have been 9:45PM West Virginia time.

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