Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I've been tagged by Beth. This time I have to share 6 weird things about me with the blog world.

1. I am adamant about keeping hidden things orderly. The food in my fridge and cabinets is sorted by type and I get annoyed if something isn't put back in its place. I sort my clothes by color and type - my closet is super organized - despite this, my clean laundry will sit in a laundry basket for days before I put it away and I'm not good at keeping up with vacuuming - you know, the things people actually see.

2. I think snakes and frogs are cool.

3. Not many sights gross me out...blood, guts, gore, creepy things...but certain smells do.

4. I have major problems peeing in nature whether in the woods or in the water even if no one is around - I just can't do it - it's like the plumbing just shuts down. No idea why this happens.

5. I went deer hunting with my dad when I was 12 even though I knew I could never ever shoot anything...and I never did.

6. I order my pizza with no cheese (but lots of veggie toppings).

It looks like most everyone else I "know" has been tagged, so I won't officially tag anyone - but if you are reading this and you have a blog and haven't been tagged yet, then tag, you're it!


Bee's Blog said...

I LOVE pizza with no cheese. I knew we found each other for a reason.

Valeri said...

Anyone who has grown up in PA has gone hunting at leat once in their life! LOL

Aimee said... with no cheese. That is kinda weird.