Sunday, November 20, 2005

Veggie Tales

Location: self checkout at Jewel
Time: 3:00 PM
The cell phone rings. It's the social worker saying she's going to be early for our 3:30 homestudy visit. There we are with armloads of raw, unwashed, uncut veggies frantically scanning, sweet talking the self checkout monitor into scanning her discount card for us, and imploring the machine to stop the "unexpected item in bagging area" speech. We race home (at the posted speed limit of course), discussing our strategy on the way. Jacek will wash and cut the veggies as I transfer the pumpkin loaf and cheese block to serving plates. I will pour the blue cheese dressing into the dipping cup and then will shake the excess water from the sliced veggies and arrange prettily on the plate. We were done in 10 minutes flat. I think that's a record. And this was no cheesy veggie tray - we had carrots, celery, mushrooms, red pepper, broccoli and orange cauliflower - all needed slicing except the carrots. 10 minutes. We rock!

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