Sunday, November 13, 2005

Flights & Fingerprints

We were to have our second homestudy visit on Friday morning but Jacek's flight was cancelled and he couldn't get in until after lunch. So we resceduled for next Saturday. We did get our State fingerprints done. Since we opted to not get our foster care license we had to have them done and sent to our homestudy agency. DCFS won't share. So that was our fourth fingerprinting - only one more to go for immigration - too funny! :)

In Illinois, when adopting internationally you are required to get a foster care license unless both parents are traveling. Many families get it anyway just in case at the last minute only one parent can travel. Well, our new SW put it this way - if something happens to one of us that is serious enough to keep us from traveling to China, the other would not want to go anyway. In the unlikely event that did happened we could delay travel, therefore we decided not to get the license.

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Sandy said...

Hi Mary...
I'm loving following your site! I can't wait to see Hana... when she arrives!
Got to visit with your Dad and Sherry last eve... and asked about you... you should kid sherry that I knew more than she did because I follow your blog! LOL