Sunday, March 22, 2009

35 Months LID

We've now been logged in for referral from China for 35 months. There are still hopes coming from agencies that things will pick up later this year and time will tell. We are still in limbo with our concurrent adoption and are dreading the decision we will have to make soon.

One milestone that was just reached yesterday - I belong to a small online China adoption group and had opportunity to meet several of them in person - of the ones that I have met in person I am officially the last to receive referral. It has been fantastic watching these wonderful people meet their children and it has truly helped me cope with this wait.


"M" said...

I'm glad you are happy to cheer the rest of us along, but am sure it is so hard to feel "last". Interesting how everyone's path ended up being so different than when we all met at our "blind date" dinner.

Kayce said...

Getting closer! Happy 35...keep the faith!