Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Here's kitty #2, Odette. I adopted Odette after moving from a very small town to the big city. You see, Cleo was a bully and hated outside, so naturally I took her with me and left the rest of the entourage with a friend in animal disneyland (and no, that's not code for animal shelter, he really does live in animal disney - woods, pond, hills, fur brothers & sisters, etc.). Well, despite her hatred for other animals Cleo became quite neurotic and it was suggested that she missed having company while I was at work. So I called a local shelter and explained what I was looking for - bully cat who beats all other 4-legged creatures is lonely and needs a punching bag - fully expecting the woman to laugh, sneer and hang up on me. Surprise! She actually told me she had the perfect cat for my situation. Odette was living in the shelter in a room with a bully cat and was holding her own very well. The girls get along - well, they tolerate each other - and they don't even fight anymore. Occasionally Odette will body slam Cleo in "play", which Cleo so does not appreciate, but it remains peaceful.

Odette is shy but very sweet once she gets to know you. She loves scratchings and shoulder massages and goes nuts for wine corks and grass. She despises Tuesday and has a very uncanny ability to know whether or not the dog is actually sleeping or merely relaxing. We get her clipped every summer - and she loves it - the groomers can't get over how much she enjoys the clippers. Nutty cat! She's a doll.


Maggie said...

What a beauty!

Valeri said...

A sweetie pie!