Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sweet Dreams for the Fashionista

We have a crib! OK, you might be saying "isn't it a little early for that?"...well, a family that Jacek's mom works for asked her if she knows anyone in need of a crib - and now it's ours! It's an oak color and is in great shape - how lucky are we?! Also, Jacek's mom gave us a big bag of baby clothes - all like new - that she bought at a garage sale - many cute things! Fun!


Karen said...

Your blog is very nicely done!

Congrats on the crib! We still don't know if we should get a crib or toddler bed...have to wait and see.

Karen (Astra~ from MSN forum)

sandy said...

Mary we are so excited for you! I'm so glad Sherry sent me your blog!
I can't wait to "hear" more!